By TC Lloyd

About Us

How We Fish

Southern Angling is owned and operated by Professional Crappie Angler TC Lloyd. TC has traveled all across the South Eastern United States finding success in all the major tournament trails. He now wishes to share his knowledge and experience though Southern Angling. We are dedicated to showcasing the great panfishing that the Carolinas has to offer. The main lakes that we fish are Lakes Wateree and Tillary. Crappie is our main target throughout the year but during the warmer months we also target Shellcracker and Bluegill. No experience is needed when fishing with us, the guide will provide all the assistance you need to help you have the trip of a lifetime

Our guide boat is a Sea Pro 208  that is 8ft wide, powered by a 175hp Suzuki. Our boat can comfortably fish up to 3 clients comfortably and is equipped with the latest technology by Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, and Minnkota. We also use the best  fishing equipment on the market to make your experience with us more enjoyable. We offer a 100% Guarantee on all trips to ensure you have confidence in booking with us. If you don't catch fish, the trip is free. 

We are currently operating on Lake Wateree (SC) and Lake Tillary (NC). In the future we will be expanding to Santee Cooper, Lake Murray and Murrells Inlet and offering guide trips for more species including Striper, Catfish, Flounder, Sheepshead, and Trout.


Longline Trolling:   Starting in the beginning of the year, crappie will begin to leave their winter hangout and start suspending and scatter near areas they will spawn in. When this happens one of the best ways to catch them is by longling trolling. This method is basically casting several lines behind the boat with small jigs/spinners and using the trolling motor on the boat to swim them through the water. When fish bite in this setup, the rods bend back and is very easy to tell that you have a bite. This is a great method for covering water and catching active, suspended fish

Spider-rigging:  This is a great technique to use when fish are concentrated in a small area, deep, or very shallow.  Multiple rods up to 16' in length are put in rod holders and stick out the front of the boat. Line is let out to a certain length and the boat moves very slowly through an area. When the fish bites you may see a faint movement of the rod tip or it will slam into the water. Once either happens, the angler sets the hook and fights the fish into the boat.

Casting/Vertical Jigging:  Both of these methods employ the use of a single rod with no rod holders used. Casting is tossing a bait to a desired area. We use this method when fishing for Bluegill/Shellcracker or when targeting crappie on stumps and brush. Vertical jigging is primarily used for crappie when they are holding to some type of cover in the water. When fishing this way the bait is dropped straight down to a certain depth and the fisherman feels for the "thump" of a fish biting the lure.

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